Virtual Personal Assistant Services
Whether you are a working full time professional; a business owner; a busy parent; self-employed or if you just need help with a wide range of administrative duties and lifestyle tasks on an ad hoc or regular basis, then let me help you calm the chaos! No job is too small.

How Can a Virtual Personal Assistant Help You?
A Virtual Personal Assistant will give you all the benefits of a permanent Personal Assistant, by consuming secretarial jobs and personal errands that you just don’t have the time to do, bringing huge benefits to your business by providing an extra pair of hands and on going Virtual Personal Assistant support. The only difference is they are not physically present within your office, so won’t need a desk, a computer or any of the other employee benefits, therefore giving you the ability to utilise your time and money more wisely, allowing you to become more productive.

Why use a Virtual Personal Assistant?
To reduce your stress, making you less worried, thus allowing you to focus more on your business and less on admin. Mel Cliffe provides virtual office and secretarial services on a freelance basis with the ability to take on large and small projects.

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